June 2015 = 6 yrs of LawnMowingOnline, still doubling, still largest

If you would have told me in 2009 that LawnMowingOnline.com would double sales every year for 6 years straight and become the largest residential lawn mowing provider in the world I would have laughed!  But here we are, 6 years later, largest in the world by a long shot, and every year we have doubled the sales of the previous year.  It’s really quite amazing when you think about it, LawnMowingOnline.com has never received startup funds or investor financing, we had to take what little profit was made to advertise the website and everything has worked out fine.  In that time we have provided local contractors with millions of dollars in lawn mowing jobs they would not have had any other way and we have saved customers millions of dollars too.

It might sound silly, but I think helping all those contractors and customers have helped the website succeed, all that positive energy and good karma just helped propel the website along all these years.

On birthdays I like to reflect on the past so I’m going to tell you about a LawnMowingOnline success story.  There is one contractor, Walt in Austin, who told me his job was working for banks repossessing houses.  He would be the guy that showed up with the sheriff to kick people out of their homes and he HATED it.  Families would be there crying, showing him their paperwork, explaining why they shouldn’t be foreclosed upon, but by the time he was there it was too late, the decision was not up to him.  Then he started taking jobs on LawnMowingOnline and it was a completely different story:  people were HAPPY when he showed up.  They thanked him for being there and shook his hand with a smile on their face.  What a change!  LawnMowingOnline provided Walt with enough work that he didn’t need to do foreclosures anymore, so now he can do something he enjoys for people who were happy to see him.

Isn’t that great?  LawnMowingOnline is making people happy one lawn at a time 🙂



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