Contractor alerts customer that someone damaged their property

It’s always fascinating to read some of the conversations between the contractors and customers of  Recently a contractor noticed some damage to a property since the last time he mowed and sent the customer a message:

“…seems like someone has hit your duplex with car/truck on (property address redacted) in the front corner since my last service”

The customer replied that it might be old damage:

“There was damage there exactly where you described before, unless it’s something new(hopefully not). Thanks for the heads up. “

But the contractor thinks it is new damage and includes a photo:

“Thats not the same damage. I would have noticed. Its prob the same spot. I think its possibly the neighbors in (address redacted) pulling into the grass between addy at a diagonal angle. If you pull into (address redacted) driveway then angle towards (address redacted) there is tire marks towards hit spot and the truck next door has a spot on bumber where impact WOULD be if truck turned other direction. Just looks suspicious.”


Customer was very appreciative:

“Hey Mark, your 100% correct, that damage wasn’t there before. I’m going to take a look at it physically today, and file with police. Definite thanks for the heads up.”

Here’s a copy of the conversation:


So not only do we provide great lawn mowing service, we also alert customers to damage to their property.



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