Happy 4th Birthday LawnMowingOnline.com – paid contractors 289k, saved customers 150k

Home made party cupcake with a number candle on top

June 19th marks 4 years since LawnMowingOnline.com went live in 2009 and we’ve come a LONG way.  (see our 3rd birthday here)

Birthdays are good days to reflect on the past so here are some numbers of how we have been doing:

  • 13,200 lawns have been mowed since 2009, 5,428 more than our last birthday
  • Orders have doubled each year, so orders in 2012 were double 2011, 2011 double 2010, etc
  • $289,779 has been paid to contractors (wow!)
  • Customers have saved roughly $150,000 compared to if they were paying the average lawn mowing price of $35

That’s… amazing, really, when you think about it, and we’re only in 8 cities, imagine how far we could go if we were in every major US city?

The 289k paid to contractors is the really great part, because that is money the contractors probably would not have received any other way, so we’re helping a lot of people earn a living during this rough economy.

Thank you to all the customers who have continued to put their faith in us to have their lawn mowed and the many great contractors that do all the hard work.



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