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Do you want a lawn mowing job? Here’s how to sign up for

April 9, 2013

Do you want a lawn mowing job?  It’s simple with  First, create an account.  Contractors provide the website with their email address and submit the form to get on the list. Remember you need a mulching mower, weed trimmer, broom or leaf blower and reliable transportation in addition to your camera and internet connection.  If you have all those items and want mowing jobs, sign up and get started.

All contractors are verified by their cellphone phone number.  When you are registering on the website as a contractor you will be asked for your cellphone number.  After submitting the number a code will be sent to your phone.  That code must be entered on the website to continue the application process.  Prepaid and skype phones will not work for verification purposes.  Then the contractor will be brought to the training guide and asked to verify their address.   When that is completed the application is reviewed by a member of  This is prevent fake accounts from being created and taking orders from other contractors.  The reviewal process may take a few days depending on the number of applications received.

After a contractor is approved they will begin receiving lawn mowing jobs by email.  They can also login anytime to view orders.  Make sure to check spam filters because sends out so many jobs that email providers think the jobs are spam!  Each email will have details about the jobs like the street name and zip code to determine how far away it is and the size of the yard.  Contractors can review the information and click a link in the email to accept the order immediately.  If another contractor already took the job the contractor will be brought to a page that says the job is already taken.  If the lawn mowing job is still available the link will bring the contractor to a page saying the job has been assigned to them and they will receive a confirmation email.  Contractors can also login and verify the job is assigned to them.  The contractor can then send a message to the customer confirming that they will be mowing their lawn and ask other important questions like if the backyard is fenced in and request that dogs be locked up if the customer has a dog.  Customers like receiving personalized messages from contractors and often leave larger tips than for contractors that do not send messages.  The contractor can mow any time of day as long as the lawn is mowed on the date that is scheduled.  If something happens and the contractor is not able to mow on the date scheduled they can sent a message to the customer stating when they will be out to mow the lawn.  The customer can reply if there is a problem with the new mowing date.

So why use instead of trying to advertise yourself?  Thousands of lawn mowing companies are competing for the same customers so it’s difficult for smaller companies or individual contractors to compete with the larger companies that can afford to run flyers and advertisements online constantly.  Customers are also tired of calling dozens of companies trying to find the best deals. has setup a website where customers can order immediately online with a credit card at the lowest price available for lawn mowing.  We also rank #1 on many of the top search engines for all related lawn mowing searches, so customers find the website as easily as you did today.  With there is no advertising needed by the contractor, just accept lawn mowing jobs as they arrive in your email everyday.



Customer uses LawnMowingOnline to remove tree branches and bushes

April 6, 2013

Customers are always asking us to provide other jobs besides just lawn mowing.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to figure out the extent of the work required and charge the appropriate amount through an order page, it takes a local contractor talking directly with the customer to figure out exactly what needs to be done and determine the price.

One ingenious customer named James in Houston (no relation to the owner of LawnMowingOnline) recently did just that.

In the order notes James put:

“also would like to know how much charge would be to remove all branches from cut trees and rose bushes”

how much charge would be to remove all branches from cut trees and rose bushes

This tells the contractor that additional jobs are available but is not specifically part of the order, the customer is simply asking for a quote of how much it would cost.

Contractor named Travis took the order and replied to James.  Here’s a copy of the conversation that transpired:

Hi, I am not sure how many branches you have to haul. If they will fit in my pick-up then I can do it for $10. If a trailer is needed then I will not be able to get to it tomorrow as my trailer will be on other jobs.

Posted By: Travis [2013-04-03 07:16:37]

They should all fit in a pickup, there are some stacked up next to my driveway, a few broken tree branches im my front yard. The rest of the trimmed tree and rose branches are ar in he backyard near my pool. Looking for the branches to get hauled off, yard cutt and edged and pine needles and pollen pods raked up or blown off entry strip to house, driveway and around pool. Basicaly want yard tot look good since outdor weather is here.

Posted By: James [2013-04-03 07:26:18]

That is no problem…your yard will look great. Will you be home or will you leave the $10 somewhere?

Posted By: Travis [2013-04-03 07:30:38]

I can leave a tip through the website correct?

Posted By: James [2013-04-03 08:17:28]

I am not sure if you can after you have all ready placed the order…you can try but I would have to see it before I perform the extra work.

Posted By: Travis [2013-04-03 08:22:08]

I just did it, please confirm you received the tip for $10

Posted By: James [2013-04-03 08:30:14]

Got it thanks

Posted By: Travis [2013-04-03 08:32:16]

I am not sure how many branches you have to haul. If they will fit in my pick-up then I can do it for $10.

This is great because the customer got the job they wanted done at a price they were willing to pay and the contractor was able to quote his own price for job.  Everyone won in this situation.

If you have additional jobs or maintenance that needs to be done remember to ask for a quote in the order notes so the contractor that takes the order can offer a online quote.  Customers can even pay through the website for the additional services which is very convenient for the customer because they do not have to be home when the contractor mows.