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Why do customers love

April 3, 2012

You may have noticed we have a lot of positive reviews.  Here’s why customers are so happy with

1)  Guarantee – If the contractor does not do something right, he has to return and finish the order (within reason of course).  If he does not he is not paid.

2)  Mowed on your schedule, not company’s – Need your lawn mowed tomorrow?  We can do that.

3)  No phone calls – It’s 2012, who uses their phone to make calls anymore?

4)  Tipping – In the past we had a problem with a few orders not getting done on the date scheduled.  It wasn’t that the contractor didn’t show up, the problem was no one accepted the order.  It all came down to money; maybe that was an expensive area, maybe they lived in the middle of no where, maybe it was a “bad” area people avoided, who knows, point is we said we could mow for $19 and then no one took the order and it made the website look bad.  Not anymore, by allowing customers to add a tip the customer can now decide exactly how much the contractor should receive.  Live far away?  Add a tip.  Exclusive neighborhood?  Add a tip.  Best part is the tip can also be added after the order is placed, so customers can order, see if anyone takes it, and if they don’t add a tip and the contractors are told the order is available every time a tip is added.

Customers LOVE tipping.  We added the feature just one week ago and customers have already left dozens of tips.  One customer added a tip every hour until the order was taken.

5)  FAST refunds – Refunds are sent the same day they are requested

6)  Message the contractors – Customers can send a message to the contractor that accepted the order and the contractor can respond.  Also if there’s a problem the contractors can send a message to the customer and let them know.

7)  Easy online ordering – because no one likes something complicated

8)  Photos – not everyone needs it but it’s there for those who do

Those are the reasons has had over 6,000 orders.

So what’s not to like?  Unfortunately there are some limitations to what we can do:

1)  We can’t do phone calls (yet), too many problems with contractors constantly calling customers for more work or customers repeatedly calling contractors after they stopped mowing lawns.

2)  We do not offer a regularly scheduled mowing service yet but we do plan on offering it this year

3)  We don’t offer bagging (yet).  In some cities it is illegal to throw away grass clippings, so the contractors would have to drive the grass to special disposal facilities.  Rather than figure out what cities it’s illegal and charge more for those areas it’s easier just to only offer mulching.

4)  We don’t pull weeds by hand (yet), we don’t trim hedges or trees (yet), we don’t rake leaves (yet) but we can mulch them with the mower, we don’t fertilize (yet), we don’t pick up gumballs (yet)…. think that’s it

5)  Not every order is accepted the first day, but with the new tipping system that problem has been practically eliminated

Eventually we will offer all of those services, it’s your continued support that allows us to continue to add new features bringing us closer to offering great lawn care service across the entire United States.