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Yes, we mow lawns for other lawn mowing companies

September 16, 2011

Imagine you start your own lawn mowing business.  You have a couple dozen lawns a week and you decide to save up to do a big marketing campaign to get more orders.

So the marketing campaign starts and the phone starts ringing!  “GREAT!”  You’re thinking, but then it keeps ringing… and ringing… and ringing….. “Oh no, I’m TOO successful!  What do I do?!”

Or the other scenario:  you have an established lawn mowing business with a dozen employees but due to drought or other reasons business slows down.  You hate to lay off your employees but you have no choice, you just don’t have as many lawns as you use to.  You’re still getting orders, just not enough for a full-time staff, but you don’t want to abandon your customers and lose them forever.  What do you do?

Or a third scenario:  your company receives an order that’s too far away to make it worth the time and gas to drive out there.  Sure you could tell the customer some high price and scare them off but you’d rather gain a new customer and hope they’ll tell everyone how great you are.  What do you do?

That’s where we come in.  Here’s a recent message sent to a contractor from a customer regarding a lawn he was mowing:

If that doesn’t appear it says:

No problem. However, please realize that we are sub-contracting the work to you and our customer does not know this. Thus, if the customer approaches you, then you must be aware that he will assume you are working for our company, (REDACTED). If for any reason our customer has any questions or problems, simply note these issues and then send me a message through this system or call me (REDACTED) directly on my cell phone at (REDACTED). Thanks!
Posted By: (REDACTED) [2011-09-09 11:26:27]
I am not going to be able to mow your lawn today due to the rain we’ve had all day. I plan on mowing it tomorrow (Saturday). Thanks for your understanding. Matt
Posted By: Matt [2011-09-09 05:37:19]

The business name has been removed but it’s actually a very large, well established business.

And here’s a recent email:
If the image doesn’t appear:

My business partner and I have a lawn company that is experiencing a lot of growth and we are not sure we can keep up with demand. We would like to use this service for some of our “overflow”. However, we can’t have a lawn mowing company showing up with signs on their trucks/shirts. Does this happen? In other words, will the person/people showing up have any kind of signage representing their companies?



Yes, would be happy to mow for your business if, for whatever reason, you are not able to mow yourself.

Contractors are told not to have signs on their vehicles, not to wear branded shirts and not to leave any flyers or do any solicitation.  If asked they will say they are from LawnMowingOnline but you can leave special instructions to the contractors when you order letting them know NOT mention they are from LawnMowingOnline.

Why do other lawn care companies use us?  Same reasons everyone else does:  easy payments online, well established network of contractors, quality work, excellent customer support,  and photos are sent proving the lawn was finished.

Does it upset us that other companies are charging $40 and we’re receiving $19?  No, LawnMowingOnline was not started to make millions of dollars (although I wouldn’t complain if it did), it was started out of necessity because no one else was doing this, no one else made it easy to order lawn mowing over the internet.  I’m just glad people are using it and contractors are making money through the website.

So just remember next time you see that ad in the phone book for lawn mowing you might actually be  ordering from us.



Lawns mowed the day you choose, not the day the contractor chooses

September 3, 2011

Recently we had a bit of an issue with a contractor that would accept jobs but then contact the customers and ask if they could show up several days later as you can see below:

If the image doesn’t appear it says:

I was disappointed that nobody was available to mow because I have out of town guests this weekend for the holiday. Tuesday is a little late because they will be gone but I guess if that’s all you can do, I will wait. LeannPosted By: Leann [2011-09-02 11:46:51]

I saw no one accepted this job today, we can be there Tuesda if you don’t mind waiting?Posted By: Kelsey [2011-09-02 09:50:18]

As you can see the job was suppose to be done on Friday, September 2nd but the contractor accepted the job, therefore preventing other contractors from accepting it, and then asked if they can show up on Tuesday, September 6th, after the Labor Day weekend.

Had there been an emergency and the contractor was asking if they could come the next day that would be somewhat understandable, but to ask customers to wait until after the holiday weekend is not ok.

That behavior is not acceptable and the contractor has been permanently removed from the website.

Thank you to the customer who contacted support and let us know what was going on.  Again, if a contractor is not doing what they’re suppose to be doing please let us know immediately, your satisfaction is our top priority.