Worse drought ever delays expansion to Dallas and Atlanta

If you are in the Midwestern US you may have noticed it has not rained in awhile.

What’s being called “The Great Drought of 2011” has hit 14 US states and is seriously wrecking havoc in Texas where they’re calling it the worse drought ever.

We had originally planned on expanding our services to Dallas and Atlanta this summer but seeing that both are being effected by the drought we’ve decided to consider other cities that are not being hit by the drought.

I apologize to any potential customers in Dallas and Atlanta that were looking forward to us offering services there, I promise we will be there in 2012.

To our customers in St. Louis, Houston and Miami:  yes, we’re still here!  We’re not going to stop providing services just because of a drought.  We know a lot of you have lost your regular lawn care providers because they could not afford to operate this long with so few orders.  LawnMowingOnline does not have to worry about that since many of our contractors have other jobs and only use LawnMowingOnline for supplemental income and with hundreds of local contractors if one decides to quit we have someone that can take their place so you’ll never have to worry about your lawn as long as we’re around.



3 Responses to “Worse drought ever delays expansion to Dallas and Atlanta”

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