Customer asked if we are profitable with $19 mowing

Received an email a few days ago from Josh that read:

“I was amazed by the genius of your system until I read that 90% profits go to the mower, and the other 10% go to credit cards handling fees. I am almost intrigued enough to try the system for myself but wonder why you do not run this for a profit? Or am I missing something?”

Yes, we’re profitable, but first let me explain were the “90%” figure comes from.

When a customer orders $19 mowing, $17 of that goes to the contractor.  17 is 89.47% of 19, which is where the “90%” number comes from.  Out of the other $2, almost $1 goes to credit card processing fees.  The remaining $1 goes to the website.

$1 multiplied by several hundred (soon thousands) of orders a month makes the website profitable.



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