Landlord uses LawnMowingOnline to see if renters moved out

One of the best features about LawnMowingOnline is that you can easily communicate with the contractors and ask them any questions you need without calling and leaving voicemails and waiting for someone to return your call.

Recently a landlord decided to use LawnMowingOnline to see if their renters had abandoned the property or not by ordering mowing and asking the contractor if the property still appeared occupied:

This is very valuable information, because as a landlord you might not find out for months if a renter moves out which can lead to vandalism and theft of expensive copper piping:

“”My house got broken into again. They crawled in through the basement window and stole all the copper piping out of it. I took the ‘for sale’ sign down immediately after that…I hope the city cracks down on people getting their copper stolen,” said Wagner.”

This exact scenario happened to me on a property I was renting out a few years ago before I started LawnMowingOnline.  Renters moved out and I didn’t know, and someone broke in and stole all the copper pipe that had been installed only a year earlier.  It cost approximately $1,000 to replace the stolen pipe.

So was the property abandoned?  The contractor answered:

It appears that property is still occupied, good news for the landlord.



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