How to order tree/bush trimming, raking leaves, pulling weeds, snow removal, etc

According to a recent survey approximately 60% of surveyed customers said they would like to see LawnMowingOnline offer other services or might want to see us offer other services:

The jobs that came up most often were tree and bush trimming, removing of tree limbs or other debris, raking and removal of leaves, pulling weeds by hand and snow removal.

A customer recently asked how if there is a way to order tree branch removal through the website:

The answer is Yes!  Here’s how to place orders for services besides lawn mowing:  when you place an order for mowing in the Message to the Mower area of the order page put what service you’re interested in and ask the contractor to contact you through the website.  When the contractor accepts the job he can send you a message through the website asking for more details and you can negotiate what work is required and a payment arrangement.  

If you don’t need your lawn mowed right away you can still place a order for a future date so the contractor can accept it now and begin negotiations, perhaps they’ll even come out early to perform the work before the mowing date.

However the website is not responsible for any payments to the contractors outside of the website.  If you pay a contractor directly for a service and he does not do a satisfactory job we can not offer a refund since the website was not involved in the transaction.  This is similar to contacting a eBay seller outside of eBay and trying to purchase an item, obviously eBay would not be responsible if there was a problem with the purchase.

Thanks for the great question!  If anyone else has any questions or concerns please contact us.



5 Responses to “How to order tree/bush trimming, raking leaves, pulling weeds, snow removal, etc”

  1. klee Says:

    During the spring growing season we all require a good clean and end of the season clean as well.

    Why not just offer this features via your website. I am talking about small pruning and bush trimming. Or perhaps offer hourly rates for clean up. Nothing that would pose insurance and liability issues like tree removal and large scale landscaping.

    It is difficult to find reliable contractors, LawnMowersOnLine have a ready selection of contractors.

    One stop shopping is best.

  2. lawnmowingonline Says:

    Great question! Because pruning and bush trimming is difficult to estimate without first seeing what’s required, that’s why we’d rather have the customer and contractor negotiate in person.

  3. How to order tree/bush trimming, raking leaves, pulling weeds … | Tree Trimming Austin Says:

    […] Link: How to order tree/bush trimming, raking leaves, pulling weeds … […]

  4. free iphone 5 Says:

    Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

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