Who owns LawnMowingOnline? You do

If you have ever placed an order or mowed a lawn for LawnMowingOnline then you own this website.

Let me explain with a bit of history of how the website began.  LawnMowingOnline.com was started in 2009 by a real estate agent with a background in computer science that was tired of all the unreliable mowers on Craigslist.  I had these empty properties all over St. Louis that needed mowing and the professional companies all wanted yearly contracts which I couldn’t do and the guys on Craigslist wouldn’t show up and I wouldn’t find out until a week or two later when I finally visited the house.  And forget about photographs, I couldn’t find anyone that could take photos and email them to me.

So I started LawnMowingOnline to have some properties mowed but soon realized none of the contractors would continue mowing for long if they only mowed a few lawns a week so I started advertising on Craigslist.  People loved the idea, and as more people placed orders the contractors became too busy so I placed an ad letting contractors know they could sign up to get more lawn mowing jobs, but then I again had too many contractors so I advertised for more customers, etc, until LawnMowingOnline became what it is today.

But without those customers this website wouldn’t exist, if they hadn’t decided “Let’s give this website a chance” the website wouldn’t have grown and it would have died back in 2009.  Same with the contractors, if they didn’t decide “Let’s try mowing over the internet and see where this goes” then there wouldn’t be enough contractors to accept the orders the website received and the customers would have become upset and never ordered again.

So you see YOU own the website, not me.  You kept the website growing, you changed the way Americans have their lawn mowed.  You helped hundreds of contractors make a few hundred dollars extra a week.  None of this would be possible without You.

And for that, we thank you.

We including all the customers and contractors of LawnMowingOnline, past and present, we all thank you.

So keep those orders coming.  Keep writing those great reviews.  Keep telling your friends and coworkers how great it is to click a button and have your lawn mowed or that you finally found a real way to make money over the internet.  Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and I’ll keep working on the website to offer many more services from friendly, reliable people trying to make a few extra dollars.



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