New features: talk to contractors, instant photos, better coverage, reviews

We’ve added many great new features lately, here’s a short list and what they mean to customers.

Talk to Contractors

“When’s he showing up?”
“It rained today, will he mow tomorrow?”
“The grass wasn’t cut today!  What happened?!”

You already know you don’t need to be home for us to mow, but it would be nice to have some idea when the job will be done, right?

Now you can:  send a message directly to the contractor any time you want.

Simply click “Send Message” to be brought to the Job Message Board.  Here it lists the details about the contractor’s name, address to be mowed, order date, mowing date, any additional information and the lawn size.

Messages are posted online and also sent by email to the contractor so he can login and respond quickly.

Instant Photos

Before contractors would email in photos and we would review them and forward them on to customers.  That was a slow process.  Now photos are uploaded by the contractor directly to the website where customers can view photos immediately.

Once photos are uploaded the customer is sent an email saying the lawn has been mowed and to login to view photos.

Better Coverage

Contractors use to enter each zip code they would want to mow.  For example, if you want to mow 63033, you would have 63033 in your list.  Problem with this is in areas like Houston where there’s hundreds of zip codes within a 10 mile radius, so contractors would need to enter hundreds of zip codes just to cover all the local areas.

That has changed.  Now they can enter one zip code and the radius they’re willing to cover (up to 30 miles) and they’ll receive emails for any orders that are placed in those areas.   This makes it much easier on the contractors to cover all local areas which means customers now have more contractors competing over the job so it’s more likely to be accepted and mowed.


Customers can now easily read reviews and add their own reviews of  This allows new customers to be more confident that they’re receiving a great service at a great price.

So there you have it, the many new features we’ve added to the website to help make the best lawn mowing service in the nation.


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