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Price increase means more pay to mowers

September 14, 2010

You might have noticed the price increase from $17 to $19. We could say it’s because of rising gas prices or inflation or any other story you hear when companies raise prices but I’ll be honest: it’s because it’s hard to find someone to mow a yard for $17.

This decision was many months in the making, with surveys sent to thousands of customers and mowers asking what they thought about a price increase. Based on the responses it seems that $19 was high enough that more contractors would sign up to mow and be willing to accept more jobs but it was still low enough that customers would still be willing to order and recommend us to friends and coworkers which is important because half our business comes from referrals.

I’d like to personally thank everyone that has continued to order and support the mowers who work so hard mowing lawns everyday.