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Radio ads huge success

June 19, 2010

Here’s a copy of our radio ad that can be heard many times a day on 100.3 The Sound

I’d like to welcome and thank all our new customers who heard the ad and placed orders.


Is LawnMowingOnline the most eco-friendly lawn mowing company in the world?

June 19, 2010

Are we the most environmentally friendly lawn mowing company?  Companies “going green” is very popular, and I was reading about some lawn service companies that claimed to be environmentally friendly with “optional online billing and estimates”, “carbon neutral status” (whatever that means) and flex-fuel trucks, meaning the trucks run on Ethanol E85 which some claim is actually bad for the environment (additional source) and claim E85 is the cause of high food prices.

So I decided to see how we compare, how “green” we are.  We only offer online billing and estimates so that saves paper, and while I can’t claim to have a carbon neutral status or use E85 trucks we do send the closest mower to your house.  How does that help?  Well if the mower is only traveling a few blocks to reach your house compared to 15 miles obviously that saves fuel, and saving fuel helps the environment.  Even if other companies drove 50mpg Priuses and used reel mowers they’d still use more gasoline because they’re driving 30 miles round-trip, using over half a gallon of gas, compared to a 15mpg truck driving less than half a mile using only a few ounces of fuel.

Since there currently isn’t a vehicle available in the US more fuel efficient than the Prius no company can claim to be more eco-friendly than… unless your next-door neighbor’s kid decides to incorporate.

Lawn mowing donated to St. Peter’s Parish 2010 Picnic Auction

June 14, 2010

A few weeks ago we blogged about donating to St. Peter’s Church auction.  Here’s a video of the results:

Radio ad rolling out next week

June 11, 2010

Yesterday we recorded our radio ad for a popular Clear Channel radio station in the St. Louis region.  Pictured in the photo above is Craig, one of our local lawn mowers who volunteered to be the spokesman in one of our commercials.

It was an exciting day.  Craig brought his daughter and everyone had a great time touring the station.  We’ll post the ads when they’re finished.

Happy Memorial Day

June 1, 2010 would just like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Memorial Day

“I consider it no sacrifice to die for my country. In my mind we came here to thank God that men like these have lived rather than to regret that they have died.” — General George S. Patton