Kickstarter says we’re not creative

After reading about Disapora, a open-source social networking site similar to Facebook, on Slashdot a few days ago and seeing their donations on Kickstarter swell from $20,000 to nearly $150,000, I decided to join Kickstarter.  Unfortunately they’re not accepting new applicants at this time, you have to contact them and explain why your project is worthy.  So I sent them a message explaining what we do, that we offer a unique service offering jobs to local individuals through an open call and given over 200 people semi-regular income.

Little did I know the huge kick in the teeth I was opening myself up to.  Rather than just a simple “We’re sorry we can not accept your application at this time”, Kickstarter Staff Cindy replied with:

Hi James,

Thanks for taking the time to share your idea. We look for projects that have a well-developed, creative focus. We wish you the best of luck, but this isn’t right for Kickstarter. Thanks again for writing and good luck!


Wow, we don’t have a creative focus?  We’re the first of our kind, no website in the world gives jobs to local lawn mowers over the net, how is that not creative?  We could give thousands of people jobs across the US, and instead of supporting us they give money to four guys making another social networking site that will probably be bought out by Facebook?  Not to knock Diaspora, I’m sure they’re great guys, but Facebook is worth $11 billion dollars, if they knocked on Diaspora’s door tomorrow and said “Here’s $110 million (1% of what we’re worth), we want to buy Diaspora” they might sell.  At least if we sell someday, there’s still thousands of mowers profiting from the website.

Sorry to call you out like this Kickstarter but next time a nice website says “Hey can we join your club?” try not to insult them.


3 Responses to “Kickstarter says we’re not creative”

  1. Pino Says:

    I interpret “creative focus” in Kickstarter’s reply to mean that Kickstarter is intended for projects whose end result is a work of authorship.

  2. John Says:

    Kickstarter is too large, too clumsy and too blatantly playing favorites. It is next to impossible to get your project noticed unless you already have tons of followers. They cram your project on a page with 14 others and for all you know you could be a 100 pages down. The search results are clumsy and it doesn’t help at all that they put stuff like STAFF RECOMMENDS and NEW AND NOTEWORTHY……

    Plus they won’t even list your project in the NEWEST PROJECTS section until you have made some money.

    It is all about greed, not about helping people raise funds.

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